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  • I protected myself with a stun gun

    One day I went to the Mall, and as I was leaving my Vehicle to head to the Main Entrance of the Mall, a person came up to me, and "He demanded I give him my wallet, and any money I have on me".  I told him if he did not leave the area I will call the Police on him.  Then he came at me with a knife, so I pulled out my stun gun and used it on him, he fell to the ground, and I ran into the mall to call police, who came an arrested him. And when asked why he did this he stated he needed money for drugs. He did not thing I would fight back, and use a stun gun on him. When I returned home, I told my wife about the incident, and also told her to always carry her stun gun with her at all times, as you never know when you my need it. I could have been injured or even killed if it was not for my stun gun. One can not be to careful in today's world.

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